Why Do Coachella Valley Agents Ask You to Meet Before Viewing Homes?

Why Do Coachella Valley Agents Ask You to Meet Before Viewing Homes?


You see a house online that you want to view. You drive around a neighborhood and see a house for sale that you think looks interesting. You call an agent ask to see it “right now”.

And then… that agent will begin asking you questions, then suggest that you meet first at his or her office, or perhaps at a nearby coffee shop.


For one thing, Coachella Valley agents want to know that you’re serious. If you’re really interested in purchasing a home and ready to do so, you’ll be willing to take the proper steps. One of those steps is to meet first and discuss your situation. Another is to become pre-approved for a loan before you begin to shop.

No one wants to waste their time or their gasoline showing homes to people who simply want to look for decorating ideas or whose primary hobby is looking at homes. (Yes, that is a hobby for some people, and they don’t restrict it to visiting open houses.)

The second reason is safety.

It just isn’t safe to go meet a total stranger in a house where the occupants have left to accommodate a showing. Every now and then we hear news of another tragedy – when an agent is kidnapped and killed because he or she responded to a call and went off to meet a stranger.

No one can tell from a name or a voice on the phone which person is going to be that one in a million with evil intent.

When you’re serious about wanting to purchase a home, first visit your lender and become pre-approved for a loan. That will show you what you can spend so you don’t waste time and energy looking at the wrong houses. It will also save you from heartache. If you fall in love with a house that’s out of your price range, none of the homes you can buy will measure up.

Just as importantly, it will show the sellers that you can carry through with a purchase. In a fast moving market, your pre-approval letter could well be the factor that gets your offer accepted over others.

Once you’re approved, make an appointment with me and explain your needs and wants. That will me narrow down the choices to homes that will satisfy all your needs and as many of your wants as possible.

If you want more guidance on how to find your dream home, consider me!

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